The Book

A novel of romance and devotion, corporate intrigue, heroism and heartbreak, in a small town in the coalfields of West Virginia.

Amid the lush beauty and rugged landscape of McDowell County, West Virginia, a woman struggles to save her marriage, support a family and raise a son with Down Syndrome. When she’s suddenly thrust into a battle to save her grandparents’ farm from the destruction of mountaintop removal coal mining, Natty Oakes finds herself alone against friends and family, as well as one of the world’s largest utility companies and its powerful Charleston law firm.

When Charlie Burden, a wealthy, successful engineer from New York, reluctantly arrives in Red Bone, West Virginia to take over the construction of a massive coal-fired power plant, Natty finds an unlikely ally and a friend… and maybe much more. And in West Virginia, Charlie begins to find the answers to his mid-life quandaries about his marriage, career, and the relentless pursuit of wealth that have been suffocating him in New York. Everything begins to change for Charlie when he meets Natty Oakes and her son, the Pie Man.